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Sign up for a Bettlit account and invite friends to become agents through your invitation link. Join us today and start earning rewards by inviting your friends to become agents through your personalized invite link. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to share the excitement and benefits of Bettlit with your friends. Register now!

 How much can you earn as an agent?

Agent | Affiliate Daily Salary


Daily Commission Extra Rewards (%)
≥100.00 0.1%
≥500.00 0.2%
≥1000.00 0.3%
≥5000.00 0.5%
≥10000.00 0.8%
≥30000.00 1%
≥50000.00 3%
≥75000.00 5%
≥100000.00 10%


Please take note of the following information

affiliate bettilt

Event Date: January 24, 2037

Event Requirements: A rebate will be given based on the daily commission settled by the agent.

Event Details:

  1. When the daily commission of the agent meets the requirements of the event, corresponding tiered bonuses will be rewarded.
  2. The calculation formula for the reward amount is as follows: 
  •    Reward amount = Total daily received agent commissions x Commission rate.
  1. Rewards can only be claimed manually on the iOS, Android, H5, and PC platforms. Auto-payout will occur upon expiration.
  2. The bonus (excluding principal) of this event requires 1x valid bets for withdrawal. Betting is not limited to a specific gaming platform.
  3. This event is only applicable to the account owner’s normal manual operations. Renting, using cheating software, bots, gambling between different accounts, mutual manipulation, arbitrage, APIs, protocols, exploiting vulnerabilities, group control, or other technical means are prohibited. Otherwise, rewards may be canceled or deducted, or accounts may be frozen or even blacklisted.
  4. In case of any differences in text understanding, the final interpretation of this event will be retained by the platform.

Games Affiliate Wagering Commission :

In a multi-level distribution model, members at lower levels have the potential to earn profits for you. For instance, a direct member (level 1 member) can earn a rebate equal to their turnover multiplied by 0.5%-2.0%.

Commissions are settled daily at 7:00 AM IST. Any missed commissions will be accumulated.

Discover the earning potential of becoming an agent today. Learn about the lucrative opportunities available in your area and start earning today by registering as an affiliate

We encourages players to approach gambling with caution and make responsible choices to protect themselves and their loved ones. Gamble Responsibly.

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